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I am a rock, I am an island

I have my books and my poetry to protect me

4 May 1989
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Hello, there. This is my journal. And by journal, I do mean journal. I rant in long-winded posts about my life because I need a place to vent. Livejournal just happens to be the only place I can do this more privately than anywhere else. Isn't that ironic? I consider a journal on a free website where anyone can just waltz in and read all about my personal life private--and I don't even lock my entries.

I suppose, by private, I mean that no one knows who I am in real life, and none of my friends or family know this journal exist. I am free to express every zany, insignificant little thought in my head without fear of those close to me finding out how weird and messed up I really am. This is the only freedom I feel like I have. This is my catharsis.

Glowing Green Eyes are Love

Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom is Love

Ghosts are Love

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Edward Elric is Devious Love! >D

Primary school!Hiruma is bratty love ♥

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made by nighty_sha

Tetsuo is Angsty Love!

Kaneda's Gang is love!